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(Are you surprised by cultural differences?) 


The New York Times shared a text of a man living in Pakistan who shares his daily life with his dog. This text demonstrates that the value of the dog, which is man’s best friend, is not the same in this country as it is in North America. Religion also has a role in this story … Here is an abstract translated from English:


“When I walk my dog on the beach near my home in Karachi, this is how people react: mothers tell their children to look at the dog and they ask if they can touch it. On their side, the most cultivated men retreat or ask me for price and race.


Sometimes when I see someone heading to the neighborhood mosque, I head for the other side of the street. There is a popular belief among the pious that if they come into contact with a dog they become unclean. You must take a ritual bath before offering your prayers.


I grew up in a very religious family where dogs were not really loved, but our faith was not threatened every time a dog appeared. As a teenager in our village, in central Punjab, I saw our local imam, who led the prayers, playing with his Russian poodle. His grandsons, whom we visited one summer, brought him and left him behind.


In almost a decade of devotion, I have never seen anyone oppose his contact with a dog. Perhaps people thought that a man so old and pious knew what he was doing.


Today, if someone at his post tried to cuddle a dog in public, he would definitely lose his imam status… if not his head. Like Muslims all over the world, we aspire to more innocent moments, when we could remain pure by keeping the dogs far from us.


There are many other worshippers in mosques now that in my childhood, but there are no imams to tell the religious stories about the love of dogs…


To read this story completely, you can do so if you click here.


And you, what do you think of this man’s story? Are you surprised by these cultural differences?


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