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(NB: If you know anyone, with their pets, in emergency situations requiring help, contact us at, and we will transfer all emails and messages to the emergency authorities in Houston!) 


Everyone knows what is going on right now in Texas when Hurricane Harvey is wreaking havoc. Many rescuers and other staff are doing their best to help the thousands of people affected by this natural disaster.


In some cases, these living beings that need help are domestic animals and other wildlife in the area. They can count on the help of good Samaritans, such as Andrew White, who helped his neighbour save his dog with his boat.


There are also local residents, such as Naomi Coto, who carries her dog in a safe place because she had to evacuate her flooded house. Other extraordinary examples of animals overcoming this difficulty has also been shared during the last couple days on social media.


This is the case of a resident of Sinton, Texas, Tiele Dockens, who posted on Facebook a photo of a golden retriever named Otis. This photo quickly became viral with more than 16 000 likes and more than 30 000 shares.


The dog carried in his mouth a bag full of food for his family. Mr. Dockens had confirmation that the animal had gone home safe and sound.


Several other touching stories are also described in the text. To read the article in full, it is possible by clicking here.


A GoFundMe page was set up by 4 Paws Farm and the Love My Dog team to increase donations for veterinary care, food and bedding for animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.


To date, fundraising has surpassed its initial target of $ 50,000 in collections over the last few days. For more information and to make a donation, you can click here.


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