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The path to Hurricane Harvey, which was decommissioned to a tropical storm, ravaged Houston and a large area of southeastern Texas. Flooded roads have forced thousands – and their pets – to leave their homes.


The storm has rained more than 25 inches of water in some places in southeast Texas since Thursday night. Unfortunately, this storm caused the death of a few people. Storms like this can also be difficult for animals, which are often lost in the middle of the chaos of evacuation.


Many have been abandoned. Journalists and rescuers reported dogs chained to trees outside, for example. And even when the owners do their best to take their animals with them, they may have difficulty because shelters generally do not allow pets.


The Red Cross allows service animals, but pets are not allowed, according to their website. However, the Red Cross says people can call their local Red Cross office or ask an employee when they arrive. At this time, employees will work with community partners who can open a pet shelter nearby.


In at least one case, two dogs spotted on a roof helped the rescue workers find their owner trapped in his garage. Social media has proven to be a crucial tool for documenting some rescue efforts and for people who have helped bring pets together with their owners.


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Texas says it has recovered 123 abandoned cats. The Animal Rescue Center of SPCA of Texas was able to take cats to a safe place with the financial support of the Empowered Foundation by PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief in western Dallas.


The Texas SPCA says it is ready to accommodate up to 300 animals affected by Hurricane Harvey if necessary, and will assess daily capacity after that. You can make a donation on the SPCA website or register to adopt an animal at this address.


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