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Following the success of their national tour in 2016, the NY Dog Film Festival ™ will also travel to dozens of cities this year, including a stop at Lincoln City at Theater Bijou on Saturday, September 23.


The Dog Film Festival is a philanthropic celebration of love between dogs and humans, made possible through a grant from the Petco Foundation (a not-for-profit organization) and a local rescue shelter in Lincoln City, where a portion of each ticket will be giving to the local refuge.


It is the BYOD event (bring your own dog) and people are encouraged to bring their dogs as companions! Dogs are welcome and are invited free of charge.


Here are all the details for people who would be interested in the event:



Perfect for dog lovers of all ages, the NY Dog Film Festival ™ will feature two programs. Each of them features a different mix of documentary, animated and live on dogs from around the world.

The films illuminate the love relationship between the human and the dog. Each program lasts about 70 minutes.


Saturday, September 23 (double programs)

At 10:00 – The film “A second chance”

At 11:30 am – “Love changes everything.”



Theatre Bijou

1624 NE Highway 101

Lincoln City, United States



The NY Movie Film Festival ™ has founder / director Tracie Hotchner, a well-known advocate for animal welfare and author of The Dog Bible.

This festival will bring dog lovers to share their experiences and watch short films that celebrate the remarkable bond between humans and dogs.

Hotchner is also host and producer of 10 pet radio programs on its Radio Pet Lady Network (including its award-winning NPR DOG TALK show).

“I personally saw what it is for a passionate community of pets to come together to share this fun celebration of the human-canine bond,” he said.



The NY Dog Film Festival ™ shares the appreciation by founder and director Tracie Hotchner of the love between dogs and people. In addition, a portion of each ticket sold will be donated to the local animal welfare group to support their efforts.



Tickets are all sold for $10 usd. For a complete description of both schedules and for more information, including how to buy tickets, visit the official website of the Dog Film Festival.


For more information, please read the complete article by clicking here.


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Source: TheNewsGuard.com

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