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The Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, United States, has opened “relief areas” for dogs, cats and other service animals. The new service animal rescue areas were built to meet a new federal requirement.


Hartsfield-Jackson already had pet rescue areas outside of domestic and international terminals in pre-safety areas, including a dog park outside the domestic terminal and a pet rescue area outside the international terminal.


However, by 2015 the US federal government has issued a rule stating that airports with 10,000 or more passengers should provide wheelchair accessible animal rescue areas by August 2016.


Federal law requires that airports that receive federal funding provide this accessibility for people with reduced mobility. Hartsfield-Jackson has taken the last few years to find space and build new zones.


He missed the deadline, but the FAA last year said it would “work with airports on a case-by-case basis” to meet the requirement.


The busiest airport in the world was “behind some other airports” when compared to emergency animal service areas, acknowledged the Hartsfield-Jackson general manager, Roosevelt Council. But today, most airports have the rescue doors for service animals.


The areas will be cleaned three to four times a day and thoroughly cleaned twice a week. Dogs and cats that are pet or emotional support animals can also use rescue areas as service animals.


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