Two dogs protect a flock of sheep from forest fires!

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Two dogs protected an entire flock of sheep from forest fires in Canada. The canines watched over the sheep for 20 days while their owners were evacuated from their home.


Lynn Landry was forced to leave her two shepherd dogs, Tad and Sophie and her flock of 90 sheep on her ranch in British Columbia, Canada.


After looking at the crackling fires in the neighborhood, Landry told PRI’s The World that “there was nothing we could do. We had to leave.”


The family left home on July 6, the day before the emergency’s declaration in the province.


The 2017 forest fire season is the worst in British Columbia’s history, with more than 1,000 fires breaking up nearly 9,000 square kilometres.


In terms of monetary costs, the many fires cost the province over $200 million. Mrs. Landry really feared that the many animals could survive the fire.


Yet, 20 days later, when the family was able to come back home, they found the two dogs sitting in the field with the sheep. Only one animal, however, died.


Lynn Landry was obviously proud of her two dogs: “They protected the sheep not only from forest fires, but also from bears and coyotes. The flock would never have survived without them.”


To conclude, she added that the family has rewarded the two brave dogs with a good steak!


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Amelie Delobel

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