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Despite the fact that they do not have a very large noise record, if they are not heard, they will find a way to do it. They often use objects to do so, for example, throwing the food bowl, or simply nibbling at an object to make noise.

Dora often uses this tactic on weekend mornings to wake the household and she does so until everyone gets up from bed. Caged rabbits often brew cage bars to warn that they would like to go out. Rabbits can also make noise with their bodies, such as Dora does.

Unlike Paul who “grumbles” when he is unhappy, Dora taps his foot. In general, when the rabbits are happy, they do not make much noise, except the grinding of teeth when we flatter them. We can compare this behaviour to the purring of cats.

If however your rabbit does and the noise is clearly unpleasant, it is probably because he feels a severe pain and complains about his situation. Indeed, rabbits are interesting phenomena to know. They do not speak, but it’s just like, when we understand their languages!

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