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We live in a new animal trend in recent years. Indeed, the one that suggests that people and domestic animals are inseparable.


Animal lovers become more audacious day by day, often asserting that animals provide essential emotional comfort. What is the danger of sharing a plane cabin with a pig, do you know?


The problem is that tolerance for support animals, originally a privilege extended by some companies, evolves into a supposed right, which sometimes undermines the needs of people who legitimately really need to have a service animal to advance in life .


In many cases, passing a pet as a support animal is an act of small-scale fraud. Animal lovers benefit from websites that sell fake equipment – vests, identity tags and “certifications” – to designate a pet as a service animal.


And because there is generalized information about the type of legal protection existing around service animals, the scam is easy to eliminate.


Unfortunately, the current federal law is vague and conflicting. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recognizes only dogs and some miniature horses as service animals.


They must be trained individually to accomplish a specific task for a disabled person: dogs who pick up items at the command, turn on or off switches, drive blind or deaf people, etc.


This can cost up to $ 40,000 and it takes several years to acquire and train a dog to perform these specific tasks. Restaurants, airlines and other companies must accommodate these animals.


However, the ADA does not cover emotional support animals, or those whose “mere presence provides comfort”. In other words, it’s impossible to recognize your parrot emotional support.


But the rules are more blurry for airlines, which are also subject to different rules. The Air Carrier Access Act allows passengers to provide self-directed and unofficial psychological support in aircraft cabins.


The absence of official certification or national registry for legitimate service dogs is serious. The ADA doesn’t even ask them to wear a special label. Unscrupulous pet owners can purchase a service dog vest for a yellow lab online for as little as $ 17.99 and bring it to a restaurant, even if its training is only “sit down”.


For all the details on this case, it’s possible if you click here.


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Amelie Delobel

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