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A report exposed a shocking trend in a Chinese city, while pet owners send their dogs to street veterinarians to remove their vocal cords to prevent them from barking.


Horrific images and videos showing an unauthorized veterinarian in southwest China carried out deconcentration operations on dozens of dogs in the street while his assistant forced the dogs to open their mouths.


The news sparked public outrage as people and animal lovers called the procedure “useless” and “cruel’. Mr. Zeng told the undercover journalist, who claimed to be a potential client, that he did not have a licence to carry out the operation, but claimed that he had acquired the skills of previous years.


One can see vocal cords scattered on the ground near the seat of Mr. Zeng.

Mr. Zeng added that the operation costs 50 to 100 yuan (about ten Canadian dollars).


After receiving a deployment, officers from the Qingbaijiang Forestry Bureau visited the market on September 17 and asked Mr. Zeng to present a valid business licence. Mr. Zeng admitted that he did not have a permit and was told to stop his business pending further investigation.


By explaining why they had brought their dogs to undergo operations, some pet owners told the officers that they had received complaints from their neighbours.


It should be noted that street operations can increase the risk of bacterial infections in canines and that non-sterilized equipment can be a threat to the spread of diseases as well.


According to the Humane Society of the Veterinary Medical Society, deconcentration is an invasive procedure with the risks inherent in anesthesia, infection, blood loss and other serious complications. Dogs may experience respiratory difficulties and increase the level of stress and the risk of security threats due to the operation.


Keith Guo, a spokesperson for PETA Asia, said: ‘It’s horrible to know that so many dogs have undergone this procedure at the hands of this unauthorized veterinarian.’



Both groups of animals admitted that there is no organization running a specific campaign against this trend in China, but they have worked hard to educate pet owners.


To know everything about this horrible story, click here.


Obviously, Clanimal is against all maltreatment towards animals and wishes wholeheartedly that this will never happen again. Moreover, the culprits will have to pay the consequences for their gestures.



Amelie Delobel

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