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Mourning can be called the process of mourning. This is a path that is frequented little for some and too often for others. When one loses a loved one one experiences grief, the following is all his way.

It is useless to try to flee from it, it will cause more suffering. Mourning gives hope that there will be a new day at the end of this suffering. It requires taking time and being gentle with oneself. There is no straight line in mourning with a point at the end.

For me, the process is like taking a walk in the forest. There are obstacles, you will be out of breath, tired. There will be pitfalls. When you feel like you are caught in the forest, lost, without a setback, then the closer you get, the clearer the path becomes, and finally you can enjoy the landscape, your heart full of gratitude and seeing everything this the path traveled.

If you do not make the effort, you will not progress. It is a work, an inevitable way to be better in your being. Mourning is unique to everyone, lived differently according to your personality, your beliefs, your past.

No one can judge you that you do not do it fast enough. By knowing the stages of mourning, you will understand that there are many normal things that you will live and thus unbind animal mourning.

Here are the stages of mourning according to Jean Monbourquette. Psychologist who specializes in grief.


2-the denial

3-expression of emotions: anguish, sadness, anger, guilt, impotence

4-support for tasks related to bereavement

5-search for meaning to loss

6-the exchange of pardons

7-accept the final loss

8-The legacy

In the next articles I will speak to you of every step. It will allow you to situate yourself in your grief of your animal.

You have questions? Suggestions?

Brigitte Bérubé

Humanist therapist



Brigitte Bérubé

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