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As we all know, saying goodbye to people we love is difficult and it is the same for our pets. The thought of losing our pets has always been

heartbreaking, but would it be easier for you if you could give them a worthy ceremony that they have enriched your life?


Nipun Biyani, who heads mLoyal Pet Management, has clearly thought this way, giving India its first mobile crematorium for pets last month. Based in Jaipur, the company handles all aspects of this ceremony.


According to market research, there is a wide range of pet care in India, considered an emerging market in the industry. Nipun, 35, a former computer scientist, owned a chain of veterinary clinics.


During several months of interaction with several animal keepers in Jaipur and other cities, he realized that the most common problem faced by these people was the lack of an effective Records Management. Last year, to find a solution, Nipun launched a mobile application, mLoyal.


“Being from an IT environment, I thought to provide a practical and reliable solution. That’s why I decided to create an application. We registered our company in mid-2015 and launched our application for iOS and Android in August 2016, “he said.


Since its launch in September 2017, eight burials have been carried out. Pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters and small birds, as well as stray animals weighing up to 50 kg can be incinerated.


At present, the application is the only one of its kind in the country. Although there are other applications such as Unleash, these applications focus on very specific aspects of keeping pets, while mLoyal tries to integrate everything that the keepers of these animals need.


In India, not wanting to limit itself to Jaipur, the team led by Nipun plans to transform the company into a pan-Indian company.


“While dogs are a global icon for unconditional love, we want to make mLoyal an icon for effective and efficient management of pets. Over the next five years, we aim to offer this crematorium service in at least nine cities in India,” adds Nipun.


Apart from organic growth, the company also plans to expand by franchising and building partnerships to increase its user base.


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