The last articles I have written focus on: the impact of pet loss, how each person lives it. The emotion experienced by men vs. women. Today I am speaking of one of the stages of mourning. Shock.


It is the announcement of the death of his animal. The end. It is a state where you feel stunned, incredulous, physically, there is a numbness of the body. You do your actions automatically, you look like an automaton. Later, you will say: I do not remember too much of this moment, there is a blockage. I do not remember too much about what I did or say. The average period lasts 2-3 days.

The days passed after the death of your animal there is a slow realization. It is a shock to realize that your pet will no longer be there near you. It is a reaction of protection to the intensity, the suffering of the incommensurable: to lose what I love.

For example here Gabriel bangal breeder of cats, her little kitten, Enzo, a few months, made a ruptured aneurysm. He died horribly and very quickly and froze in front of this death that left nothing to be presumed.

She put the cat in the space dug in her garden, by her spouse. She put the things belonging to her and stayed there for an hour watching him. And his past experiences have taken him to live intense emotions by cutting himself off and moving to a rational mode.

For Emma, ​​a savannah breeder, she had 3 servals, which the wildlife came to seek without notice. They disembarked with several people. In shock, she did everything he did. She felt like a mitt, easy to control. She was crying, her heart was going fast and she could not think or react or challenge.

For me, I lost 6 animals, and each death was different. I would say there was a shock, but a different intensity depending on my attachment tie and how they died. For example, my cat Zara died drowned in the pool of the neighbor.

When I announced I was in shock, I could not believe it, so, I have the check to his medal assured me, even if I did not believe it. So for my pussy Damara who got hit by a car in front of the house, when I had to go outside. In my arms, I kept it, I walked like a robot. I had a lot of emotions, but numb at the same time. A moment on realistic where I had lost my adored cat.

The shock, for me, is a state where my heart beats, I cry, but I am not aware that I live it. Everything goes slowly and too fast at the same time. The meaning of time changes. There’s none left, only This moment.

And you? Do you remember this moment of shock experienced when your pet died? Tell me your story. In the next article, I will talk about the denial, a very important stage of mourning.


Looking forward to reading you



Brigitte Bérubé

Grief specialist

humanist therapist

Brigitte Bérubé

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