Can the HABS start winning? God is perplexed!

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“I am perplexed…not impossible…perplexed” said God when I asked IT (clever…you don’t know if it’s a HE or a SHE!)

“One thing I cannot give anyone is a heart and hockey skills” reminded God in a celestial press conference before the HABS game against the Florida Panthers, to a question from one of the Forum ghosts!

“There is one thing I would do, if I were Geoff Molson, and it’s to fire Trevor Timmins and clean up the “whole scouting system”! Come on, in the last 20 years the HABS haven’t been able to draft good guys?

You just look at the root of the problem to see where to apply the remedy!

God added “I know that Virus, the “Hockey Guru” who moonlights as a sr animal advisor at, has prepared a very strong message to anyone who wears the HABS jerseys, it’s called “The 3 things to do to Win the 25th Stanley Cup”!

“It’s very good! And I got a bunch of my friends to watch it: the Holly Ghost, my son’s Mexican cousin HeyZus and the rest of our heavenly hockey pool gang!.

So my message to the players (and the guy in charge of the videos) is: WATCH IT! (otherwise the wrath of the hockey gods will be pushed on to all of you! Did you noticed what has been happening to the Maple Leafs since 1968! Look at their annual team photo since then…)

However, only you guys, can find within each of yourselves the inspiration (and perspiration…yeah not just the brains…a lot of blood sweat and tears too) to play like you can!

Don’t let the fans down because… you will find that playing for Arizona Coyotes seems not so bad at all… after all!

So tonight…show us what you’ve got in your “family jewels”…show us what you feel for us…the FANS!

Virus, “Hockey Guru” & Sr Animal Advisor at

The Guy

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