“Bully Coderre” OUT…Now, let’s get rid of By-Law 16-060!

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Congratulations to Mayor elect Valerie Plante for her victory at the 2017 Montreal Municipal election.

As thousands of responsible animal guardians of Montreal have requested, now it’s time to get rid of by-law 16-060 and replace it with a more realistic and pragmatic animal policy in Montreal! (especially Section 21 about all animals over 20kg to wear a harness or head alter!)

Madame mayor elect Plante, Clanimal.com has proven its vision  about realistic and pragmatic responsible animal policy for Montreal and other cities.

( Read : Understand Animal Issues in Quebec)

We are now ready to help you respect one of your campaign promises and help your administration implement an animal policy that respects responsible animal guardians and animals alike!
To all responsible animal guardians of Montreal and elsewhere, you have witnessed some of Clanimal’s ideas, during this municipal campaign.

If you liked how we think, join us as members, start follow us on our social media and together we’ll make this world better for humans and animals!

Mayor elect Plante …You know where to get in touch with us at … theguy@clanimal.com

“The Guy” @ clanimal.com

The Guy

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