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Like many children, I have always loved animals. My favourite animal is the dog, who isn’t nicknamed man’s best friend for nothing.

Being already quite numerous at home, we never had any pets. That’s why when I went to a friend’s house, I went quickly to their four-legged friends.

With my boyfriend, we often mentioned how much we love dogs. We are thinking about buying one in the future. I don’t have anything against cats (except that I’m allergic to it), but let’s say we’re more into dogs than cats.

However, knowing the costs of adopting a dog and the time we have to spend to take care of it, it wasn’t for us right now. Also, we always had a fascination for the gecko, this little reptile. We thought he might be a good companion. This isn’t the case.

Although we have always found this cute animal, it isn’t the one with which there is the most interaction. Except when he’s fed, he likes to stay in his cage better than in our hands.

Finally, we felt in love with another reptile. This little beast of just six-month-old is in our lives since last November 16th. This companion (it’s a female), loves the human presence and is very docile.

In my next article, I will tell you in detail about Harley, the bearded dragon!

N.B.:  Wishing to also read n the near future your story with your companion on Clanimal!

Author: Amélie Delobel
Amelie Delobel

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