Virus to Geoff Molson:”Seriously look at the HABS Soul!”

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Mr Molson,

Even though I have met you once (outside the Omni hotel) before a function of the Chamber of Commerce, I do feel we have made a connection! (I am still waiting for my meeting with you to discuss my hiring as the new mascot for my beloved HABS…email my office at

Yet, in light of how my “guys” have been playing lately, it is my duty as the “mascot in waiting” and executive producer of the famous HABS video “The 3 things to do to win the 25th Stanley Cup” to tell you this (from my heart to yours!)

“Mr Molson : Seriously look at the HABS soul right now (and for the last 20 years!). The organisation no longer cherish and display the heart and the soul it has showed to help win 24 Stanley Cups in its first 100 years!”

So Mr Molson, look inside of you , when you were a “little Molson” of 7-8 years old and feel the pride and sens of belonging you felt then watching the HABS winning continuously, and most importantly listen again to what the stars of the team use to talk about playing for the HABS!”

So for the next while, pay attention to the fans, to WHAT is being said out there (not through your personnel…through your own two ears!) and look at my video (here is a copy for you!), talk to the Lafleur, Cournoyer, Lambert, Roy...all these guys who gave their sweat and souls to help the HABS win”

“Look at the GM and coaches who understood what the HABS stood for and then just ask yourself: What to do to get back to the Montreal Canadiens organisation soul that made all of us proud!”

“And…start, from your own self going down to the ice level, reinstate the soul of the HABS!”…

“Otherwise…this is what the Bell Centre will look like! Do you want that?”

Time has come to act! Show Who’s the Boss!

Virus “Hockey Guru” & Sr Animal Advisor at

ps: My personal suggestion: start by cleaning-up the recruiting department!

The Guy

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