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As you know, now, my boyfriend and I now have a bearded dragon in our lives. For those who haven’t read my first editorial, you can do so if you click here.

I told you about the bearded dragon, but do you really know what it is? In fact, I didn’t know much about it before I had one too.


The Advantages of a Bearded Dragon 

The bearded dragon is native from Australia, but can be found in many pet stores around the globe. Why? Because it’s one of the best pets.

This reptile is easily manipulated and isn’t dangerous. Unlike many reptiles that come close to you only when it’s time to eat, the bearded dragon can stay on you for several hours.

So yes, that means you can watch movies or play video games with this life partner. Moreover, their life expectancy in captivity is between seven to ten years.

Although the bearded dragon is considered a nocturnal animal, our Harley makes her nights from 8pm to 8am the next morning. So she is awake during the day when she stays mostly on her branch with the light on her.


The Cost 

Yes, this animal needs a lot of light to keep its temperature. In fact, when you buy it, you absolutely need a lamp that projects UV light with its terrarium.

Moreover, about the price, it’s necessary to calculate approximately $750.00CDN for all the equipment (sand, terrarium, ampoules, lamp, food, vitamins, calcium …) as well as the animal at the beginning (personally, that’s what we paid).

However, this reptile will not often consult a veterinarian in his life and doesn’t need vaccines. Of course, you will have to buy an extra bag of sand each year and change the lamps in addition to the food.

We calculated that this represents an additional $300.00-$400.00CDN. Still very reasonable compared to many other animals. Also, this animal doesn’t need to take walks every day, but it enjoys walking around your house.


Its Diet 

Also, in terms of food, it costs a little more in their first years of life. Indeed, the bearded dragon eats mainly crickets and worms during his childhood and adolescence. However, around the age of three, this reptile consumes many more vegetables and fruits than meat.

It was a plus during our purchase to know that Harley would become more vegetarian over the years. Not only for a cost issue (crickets, worms, cage for crickets as well as their food to keep them alive), but also by disdain.

We didn’t want to give her mice or crickets until the end of her life. From time to time no problem, but otherwise, fruits and vegetables will do the job!

Currently, Harley is in a growth spurt, so she eats a lot of crickets. She also devours salad and avocado pieces. She consumes a few pieces of bananas, but doesn’t want to know anything about apples.

I’ll tell you more about her growth spurt in my next blog post!

PS: To learn more about the bearded dragon, you can read these Clanimal articles here and here!

Amelie Delobel

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