Virus advice to the HABS:”Keep being in the Moment!”

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As a dog, I know! This is how we are all the times and this is the hardest thing to teach humans!

So why does this apply to you guys? Why am I the best teacher for you? Simple

Because when you are in the moment…that’s the only thing that matters!

In that moment that’s when everything happens!

Think for a moment:

When can you score goals…When you are on the ice!”

“When can you deflect a shot or obstruct the view of the goalie…When you are on the ice!”

“When do take a penalty for tripping or holding…when you are on the ice!”

So you get my message: “Everything happens during that moment…when you are on the ice!”

Every shift you take, every period and every game you play…you are in the moment!

You will never be in that moment again…it will be another moment…you cannot click rewind or replay…you make that difference in that moment!”

So keep being in the moment…like we are! That’s how we love you unconditionally every moment we look at each of our humans! (well in my case and my love for the HABS… it helps that I am a “Hockey Guru” as well!)

Tonight and every other night, when you are on the ice…BE IN THE MOMENT!

Virus “Hockey Guru” & Sr Animal Advisor at

ps: Oh…also get a favourite pet, if you don’t have one…it will help you! (for a dog, just complete the Quiz my boss has on, and my boss will help you find the breeder or the shelter where you will get it!)

The Guy

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