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For those who aren’t aware yet, I wrote recently about Harley, a bearded dragon. This is my third editorial today. If you haven’t read the two previous ones, you can consult them by clicking here and here.

With my boyfriend, we brought Harley into our lives on November 16th (almost a month ago). In such a short time, she has already grown and lengthened by a few centimetres.

Bearded dragons can measure from 30 to 60 centimetres. However, 60-centimetre specimens are very rare. For a female, 40 centimetres is a good length.

Our Harley is currently 27 centimetres, but it must be said that her tail is half of its length. This is obviously normal for the bearded dragon.

At six months, the bearded dragons return to the beautiful stage of adolescence. Like real teenagers, Harley eats a lot, especially considering her size. She still remains our baby!

She has also entered a shedding process. Her beautiful colours stand out even more recently. Her red, yellow, orange and brown skin is beautiful.

Until next time for another article about this beautiful bearded dragon!

Also, if you have an exotic animal just like Harley, write us your story and you will be published on our site!

PS: To learn more about the bearded dragon, you can read these Clanimal articles here and here!


In terms of food, she still loves crickets really much. She also enjoys salad, avocados, grapes and carrots. However, Harley can only eat carrots occasionally because they are too full of vitamines.

Amelie Delobel

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