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(Note from Editor: Today Clanimal is happy to introduce you to Dr Luca Cantini, expert veterinarian behaviourist from Tuscany, Italy.

Dr Cantini has accepted to share his expertise with you regularly on and is welcoming your questions about your cat’s behavioural issues (as well as your dogs too!) His postings will be in English, Italian and French.

Welcome Dr Cantini!)

Some simple suggestions to meet the main behavioural needs of our cats in the two different living environments


Every cat, we know, is a little feline: he loves the heat, needs to climb and lives in all three dimensions, he likes to have small, frequent meals and to poop and pee, he chooses sandy surfaces, in nature he is a prey but also a predator. This is well known to cats enthusiasts.


Our city apartments certainly offer different opportunities than those our cats can find in a country house, but in either case, the two environments can be best organized to meet the behavioural needs of our cats in the best possible way .


He loves the heat


Our apartments are never too cold but we know that our cats want more: they are always looking for the hottest place . So why not leave them a comfortable bed right next to the stove or better yet, why not buy a heat source and put it next to his bed , these guys will certainly appreciate it a lot .


For country cats, however, there is a real need for warming and protecting against bad weather . We can offer them the possibility to enjoy comfortable and safe areas, wooden houses where to stay warm and why not, little doors that allow them to come back home in the evening or take refuge in heated rooms such as the boiler room or the garage.


Higher and higher

We all know how much our cats like to live in all three dimensions. At home we will have to give them a chance to climb e.g. by mounting some shelves on the wall that allow them to climb up or leaving spaces on some high – rise shelves and bookcases .

On the web, we can find several types of cute little scratching post for cats but we can also choose for DIY simply by following those that fulfill the needs of our cats and leaving our imagination to go wild!

In the countryside, nature offers all this. Anyway, beware: if our garden is a green meadow with only a few tree on the distance, planting some near the house is certainly not a bad idea .

Next posting will be on: Food and “Jaguar Games”

Dr Luca Cantini

Dr Luca Cantini

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