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(Note from Editor: Clanimal is happy to introduce you to Dr Luca Cantini, expert veterinarian behaviourist from Tuscany, Italy.

Dr Cantini has accepted to share his expertise with you regularly on and is welcoming your questions about your cat’s behavioural issues (as well as your dogs too!) His postings will be in English, Italian and French.

Welcome Dr Cantini!)

Food, what a passion !


In this case the cats needs, in the two living environments, will be diametrically opposed .

Cats living in apartment make a sedentary life and we must avoid taking over food.

It should be established, better if together with our trusted veterinarian, the right amount of food to be given and then distributed it over several meals throughout the day.

If for work reasons we are not at home all day we can also use dispensers, but be careful not to overcome the daily dose anyway .

To encourage a bit of movement, the bowls can be placed high and if we want to give small food prizes, we can hide them inside carton boxes or under some furniture … be careful not to make the game too difficult.


The country cats certainly have more chances to move and often integrate their diet with the small prey that they hunt.

It will always be important to always leave fresh food at their disposal by placing it in sheltered places to protect it not only from bad weather conditions but also from insects and other animals.


Jaguar games


The cat is a predator and therefore hunts though the bowl is plenty of food.


Our city cats can meet their predatory needs by playing . Let’s not forget to make their favorite games available , those they would never stop hitting and biting .

Pay attention to games that can release small pieces that can be easily ingested but especially to games that are tied to plastic or cord ribbons (a valid alternative can be games hanging).


For water loving cats, you can use an apartment fountain that will have the dual function of providing water to your cat when he is thirsty, but also to offer him the opportunity to ‘hunt’ the water jet that is formed when the fountain is on .

On the market, there are several models specially created for our cats but, we can also use any other decorative small fountain, the one that best matches the furnishings of our apartment .


Cats living in the country have many more opportunities to prey.


However, we can assimilate this passion by building for example rocky gardens: the cats will have their hunting ground in the garden and their small prey will have more chances to escape the attacks of our felines.


Next posting will be on: Poop & Pee and Relationships

Dr Luca Cantini


Dr Luca Cantini

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