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(Note from Editor: Clanimal is happy to introduce you to Dr Luca Cantini, expert veterinarian behaviourist from Tuscany, Italy.

Dr Cantini has accepted to share his expertise with you regularly on and is welcoming your questions about your cat’s behavioural issues (as well as your dogs too!) His postings will be in English, Italian and French.

Welcome Dr Cantini!)

Poop and pee


Ever since, our cats living in apartment use their cat litters with sand inside for their physiological needs. The sand must always fresh and abundant.

Use the kind of sand that your cat prefers and don’t change it, never! The cat might not like the new substrate and he might decide to get dirty somewhere else.

If two or more cats live in an apartment, the number of litters will be equal to the number of cats plus one: for example if there are three cats in the house, the litters will have to be at least four, possibly not all crowded in the same corner of the room.


Country cats can use immense lands for their physiological needs.

My advice is to protect, however, the flowerbeds of plants and flowers that interest you in order to avoid that , with the whole place that your cats have available , they choose where you have just planted your favorite flowers (the fresh coil for your cat could be a surface that is really hard to resist ) .

For this reason, I recommend using tall fences or even cages to put on the plants so as to protect them at least in their early stages of growth.

Another advice is to build real sandboxes where to place the sand or earth substrate that your cats prefer, perhaps the same soil you used to plant your flowers.

In this way you will also have the opportunity to know the place where they poop and be able to check whether the poop is well – formed in addition to the fact that you can collect them to bring them to your vet.

The shape of the sandbox ? What you like most, in the form of fish or ball of wool … in short, listen to your imagination: in addition to making your cats happy, you will decorate your garden and you will stimulate the curiosity of your cat friends that come to you.




In the common imagination the cat is a free and independent animal, one who loves being alone. Actually, those who are fortunate enough to live with a cat well know that cats like the company especially of the people they choose as friends.

That is why it is important to cultivate the relationship with your cats, day by day: play with them, let them rest near you creating special spaces for them, make them participate in family life.


Even if you live in the countryside and your cats live outside without having the chance to get in, try to establish a certain degree of relationship.


Make sure everything cats need is near your home: every time you go out into the garden it will be a good opportunity to stay close and share moments together because for them but especially for you would really be a sin to be only good neighbours.

Until my next  posting, love your pets and pay attention to them…you’ll learn so much!

Dr Luca Cantini

Dr Luca Cantini

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