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In 2018, Clanimal wishes to all animal guardians to be healthy, happy and build seriously beautiful moments with their favourite pet!

Also, Clanimal will unveil a totally new platform with a value added membership for your benefit , and, commits to continue spending every moment to:

constantly improve relations between humans and animals, making humans more responsible towards animals

educate and provide you with credible and complete information for the well being of all of your pets

stand-up and fight mistreatments and injustices towards all animals

From all of us to all of you, have an extraordinary 2018!

ps: Personally and for all responsible Montreal dog guardians, my message for Mayor Valerie Plante is: GET RID OF THE HARNESS/ALTI REQUIREMENT …NOW! You said BSL discriminated against certain breeds…Well the Harness/Alti discriminates against dogs above 20 kg!

The Guy

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