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Cava d’Ispica has so much history, the mountain’s rocky walls of calcareous stones were converted in caves and houses and served as such for thousands of years. Now, they are abandoned and protected, but at the time, it must have been a very busy village.

One of the rooms is called “The Palace”, with several cave floors, fountains, courtyards. We tried to climb from the middle of the thorny shrubs, and we managed to reach the caves but with many scratches and just to realize that there was a path with small stairs we didn’t see.

There were also underground cemeteries, the corpses were missing but there we could the labyrinthine structures. Even our house had caves and stones paths alongside it. I made friends with the horses; I fed them, rode them in the afternoons and even helped the blacksmith who came to change the horseshoes one day.

Before returning to Milan, we visited Syracuse with two men, and another farm where we stayed for three days, getting rid of the vines invading the lemon trees.


Once back in Cassano de Adda, and after resting a couple of days, I went to Turin, to my last farm, where I stayed ten days. It was school farm, with a restaurant and a large number of animals. There, my job consisted in feeding the chickens, cleaning the stables, taking the big sheep out to graze and help out in the kitchen with groups of children who arrived.

Author: Helena Aroyo

Amelie Delobel

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