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I became good friends with the female cook who took me to visit her family and that of the owner who took me to various villages and to see vineyards and viniculture schools. She gave riding lessons, so I took my first classes in the afternoon, during which we had to ride English style, without holding onto nothing else but the brindles.

I have always ridden American style, grabbing the horse’s mane or the saddle. She scolded me many times but I kept doing the same thing when she wasn’t watching. I loved my life at the farm and became good friends with all the animals, but came the day I had to leave yet again… that is the life of a traveler.

I arrived in Cassano for the last time, and after three months of stay, I took my plane for Montreal.

I was right, it was much easier to find work during the summer. Shortly after my return I started working in different places and planning my next trip to Argentina and then Cuba. My Sicilian granny left us to meet her ancestors a few years later, and my relatives still live in Milan and Sicily. I really hope to see them again very soon. The “cugina Americana” will never forget them.


Author: Helena Aroyo

Amelie Delobel

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