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At one time, I brought home another white female rabbit, Plaxy, as a companion for him. She was still young when one morning, we saw in the courtyard four newborn bunnies. Plaxy hadn’t prepared a nest, as she should have, and of course she didn’t know how to care for them.

Unfortunately, two lost their lives, I tried to take care of the other two, without success. It was difficult to keep them warm. With time, I realized that if I had placed a lamp and grabbed Plaxy to help her give them milk one or twice a day, in the best case scenario they would still be alive.

Wild rabbits leave them on their own in their holes and only come back at night. To avoid repeating the past, I ended up giving Plaxy to a class mate. I think she was already pregnant, perhaps then Fifi had descendants somewhere in Córdoba.

Fifi was quite depressed for several days, certainly he was missing her.

Sometimes, I brought him to some park for him to graze or out on the terrace of the building to hop around a little.

Everything wasn’t always rosy; something he would pee on my bed and one day I scolded him so much! I still don’t know if he understood me but he never did it again. Another time, he ate the tip of a book that wasn’t mine, and I had to explain to the owner what happened.

He also nibbled on my own books, magazines, chairs… typical rabbit behavior.


Author: Helena Aroyo

Amelie Delobel

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