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We headed to the park, and I screamed due to emotion as I was seeing my first Snow Monkey in the wild: a female near the entrance of the park. A few steps ahead, there they were, a hundred of them.

Some of them were bathing in the pools of thermal waters. Only the dominant groups were entitled to that treat, since there wasn’t enough space for every one of them.

The caretakers of the park fed them seeds and made sure everything was well. They came out of the water wet, but they must have dried themselves quickly after because it didn’t seem they were cold.

We could get closer, dip our fingers in the water, look at them in eye… However, no touching was permitted, and I, who always respect that rule, touched the fingers of one female in the water.

She looked at me and showed me her teeth, but she was having too much of a relaxing time to bother with me more than that.

The mothers caressed their babies, and groomed each other.

After Japan, I went to Thailand. I visited temples filled with crab-eating macaque—or long-tailed macaque—that stole food, glasses, handbags, and more from tourists.

You had to have some good reflex to stop them from running away with your belongings. And if I had food in my hands, it was best to give it to the males that were pulling on my clothes with a face saying “That fruit is mine”, otherwise I would be in a lot of problems.

In short, it’s best to give them the food in those situations, you don’t have much choice!

Author: Helena Aroyo

Amelie Delobel

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