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Clanimal stand is crystal clear: “We encourage adoption from shelters as choosing from ethical breeders. Both means of bringing animals into our lives are good as long as they are properly structured and applied (which we constantly strive for).

So we invite you to continue requesting breeders to act ethically and to adopt from ethical shelters and rescue organizations. We invite you to do it with a realistic and pragmatic approach to it! Do it locally, and make it grow globally!”

1.    Present Situation

At Clanimal we are focussing this time on animal adoption, since there is a trend amongst millennials to steer the arrival of animals in their lives solely on rescued animals, and more specifically on rescued animals from abroad.

So, despite the beauty of the gesture and the authenticity of the people doing it and the nobility of the cause, Clanimal emphasize on targeting a “local” approach to the problems of rescues to make an impact “globally”. We believe that, like the seismic reaction started thousands of miles away causes a tsunami, actions taken locally will certainly make a bigger difference globally!

So, here is what Clanimal think millennials could be doing to make a bigger dent in the rescued animals problem, acting from “local to global”!

Guys, the solution starts by acting close to each one of you at home and not from “chasing a status symbol” thousands of miles away from home. It doesn’t mean not to do anything…it means to prioritize your fights to make the biggest difference!

The animals don’t care how many friends you have on social media…they just care about you…and they are so many ways you can still make a difference worldwide for them!

Right now, let us start to work with you to really make a difference for all these abandoned animals everywhere…so let’s start by looking at…



2.    The Problem

In Canada there are: 170 SPCA shelters,  hundreds and hundreds more that are run by groups or individuals. Also in Canada, in 2015, they were more than 80 000 cats and 40 000 dogs were placed in shelters and in 2016, there were (click on)  27 753 cats and 3 799 dogs euthanized! (#1)

In the UK, the numbers are similar to the ones in Canada.

In the USA, in 2017 (stats of 2016) we are talking (in proportion to Canada) of about 5 000 shelters nationwide, 5 million animals accepted in shelters out of which 3.5 million animals were euthanized! (#2)

Yes, in certain countries in Asia, domestic animals are bred to be eaten (mostly dogs), by what we suspect to be a decreasing number of people claiming a cultural basis for doing so! Still ,they are about 2-2.5 million dogs bred each year for the purpose to be eaten, through about 1 700 “dog farms (i.e. puppy mills)” !(#3)

In addition, some athletes and personalities have adopted Korean dogs to help raise the profile of their plight (such as Meagan Duhamel, Canadian Olympic skater), and even though we wholeheartedly agree with the “heart” behind the gesture, we feel these VIPs could have used their status (and their podium, maybe!) to bring the light onto this barbaric practice and reach out to Korean millennials to put strong pressure on the animal eating business sector to, end such a practice!

Also, what if these guys (like Meagan and other VIP) were to ask their corporate sponsor to financially help (on their behalf) initiatives like the Humane Society International/Canada transition farming program, where farmers running puppy mills change their business to, for exemple, farming such products as blueberries, with the help and guidance of HSI/Canada?

Would you guys love to think about some measures to help Koreans resolve this very important issue? We want you guys to think “outside the box” if needed. Clanimal would work with you to implement these measures!

3.    Solutions to the Rescue of Foreign Animals

Clanimal does not advocate to stop helping other countries deal with some very harsh problems with the welfare of their domestic animals.

What we are saying is to prioritize the actions taken by starting to look at the situation here and find creative ways to help countries such as Korea, People’s Republic of China, Vietnam and Cambodia, to name these (or Costa Rica, Mexico, etc.). (Clanimal has many ideas to that effect!)

We are asking millennials to look closer to home where, with ourselves, we will start changing behaviours that are detrimental to the well-being to all our domestic animals. Ask yourselves…when things go sour in your families, do you start helping other families resolving their problems…we don’t think so !

How about we start becoming responsible towards our own pets by (to give a few exemples):

a)      supporting the  following of educational classes in how to take care of them (physically and mentally…i.e.: to educate them to act properly, as ourselves as well!) that would include educating business people and school kids on responsible manners to follow!; (click on Montreal’s animal control proposal by Clanimal, applicable in so many countries!)

b)      restructuring breeding practices (for the benefit of all breeds) and acting seriously towards “back-yard breeders” (i.e.: people breeding for the fun of it and to make a fast buck on Kijji and other social media outlets, selling puppies!); (click on Breeders & Shelters  1  & Breeders & Shelters 2  by Clanimal, applicable in so many  countries!)

c)      recreating sale practises on the web, by putting real pressure on the social media benefiting  from the sheer volume of advertising of puppy/animal sales and redirect sales and advertising towards shelters and rescue organizations!  (click on   Animal Sales in Stores & Social Media 1 Animal Sales in Stores & Social Media 2  by Clanimal, applicable in so many   countries!)

d)      seriously cracking down on puppy mills by pressuring our local governments to    finally start to show the political will to put an end to this barbaric practice! (click on  Puppy Mills 1  & Puppy Mills 2Puppy Mills 3  by Clanimal, applicable in so many   countries!)

There are many more things that we, as a society including you as millennials, can do to improve our relationships with animals! A lot of these actions start by very simple, and sometimes very small gestures such as telling a friend or our parents or someone we know not to breed animals for the “fun of it” or because it’s nature’s way of handling it (let us tell you that Nature has sometimes very “cruel” ways to handle its animal population levels!).

We know that for many millennials, adopting animals in these circumstances (Korean dogs, strays from Mexico or Central America) is their individual ways of “making a difference” (and make great conversation piece!).

Clanimal is trusting you guys to start seeing that real and long-lasting changes start  inside of each of us, very close by to each and every one of us, so then, as  a society, it starts reaching further and further away from that very simple gesture started inside each and every one of us! 

Clanimal is committed to start something with you guys to make a genuine and authentic difference for all rescue animals, from here to the ends of the world.

Oh, while you are on this page why don’t you check out our article on (click on) “Animal Control by-law in Montreal: Clanimal Solution” and you will read about realistic measures to ensure peaceful living between humans and dogs.

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Bernard Raymond

founder & Chief Passionate Officer, Clanimal

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