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Easter has become a commercial holiday. In recent years, some parents have found that buying a nice bunny would be a good idea. Unfortunately, a few days / months later, he abandons her. In most cases, this is due to the workload of this little beast. As the years go by, we notice that refuges are filled with exotic animals, such as rabbits. A rabbit is a fragile animal, if you decide to abandon it in the wild, he is more likely to die quickly from cold, hunger or eating.

We quickly forget that the rabbit is an animal that is considered an animal of prey. He may be fragile to loud noises, to big movements near him, and he will never get used to it. A rabbit must have a minimum of 2 hours of exercise a day, if he lives in a cage. He needs love and attention, otherwise, like all animals, he will ask for it and become more “tiring”.

He must live in a safe and healthy environment. The equipment (cage, food, toy, etc.) resembles those of dogs and cats. Technically, an annual review can be helpful to make sure he is healthy. If you wish to have more than one or to have a calmer rabbit, an operation to make it sterile should be considered.

Finally, a rabbit can live between 10 and 15 years. If you think it’s a toy, you’re wrong. This small living animal has the right to live a healthy life with owners who know the burden of having an animal. Favour the chocolate rabbits and leave the rabbits alone.

In closing, I would like to say a few words about public farms (in shopping centres, for example) with rabbits. A rabbit prefers to be in a familiar environment and where the sound is not too high. With many visitors and several hands trying to touch them, he does not particularly like that. Especially when children can take them.

As I mentioned earlier, the rabbit is a relatively fragile animal. If the rabbit is not taken properly or escaped (because it is an animal that is afraid of heights), he has several risks of injury like that of Mr. Paul (dislocation of the hip). Pay attention to the animals that surround you and respected when an animal says he is not interested.

In an earlier article, I mentioned the method my two rabbits used to manifest it. When I have guests at home and their voices are unknown, Dora goes on the floor. This behaviour is common in rabbits, it does this to warn that a potential danger is in the vicinity. In the case of Mr. Paul, he growls and advances with his head bowed (like a ram) to show that he wants to remain quiet. In short, the rabbit is a very special animal and very different from other animals.

I have read several articles, several articles to understand their behaviour and know what would be better to live in pleasant cohabitation. Although I seem to convince people not to buy a rabbit, I think my goal is simply to show if you are ready to make that commitment. Are all the rabbit being a loving animal and deserves an owner who will take time to see his true personality.



Happy Easter,


Amelie Delobel

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