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Hello to you all today, I’m talking about the pet loss in the elderly.

The majority of old people are with old cats, who have come a long way with them.

For those people of golden age, there are three types of grief.

There is the person who lives alone with his animal, the children are tall, live elsewhere, or have no children. Suffering from loneliness, these people procure a pet, to pass the time, to feel less alone between the visits of the family, if there is any.

Their pet is often the only welfare they have in need to feel important to someone in life.

Many live in poverty, and do not have the money to pay for veterinary care in case of illness. Thus, the animal dies for: disease, or old age.

There are those elderly people who live at home and who get sick, where they can no longer look after them and have to move to a reception center, and have to get rid of almost all their posture and their animal.

There are therefore many griefs.

Losing a friend, a confidant
Losing your house
Go to the basics of some clothes, memories
leave your pet to the family, or to a stranger
Autonomy loss
loss of liberty
loss of health
If you have a parent who has to let go of all this, be aware of all the bereavements he will carry. The company of an animal is unique. Animal mourning leaves a great void in the hearts of those people who often feel very lonely.

There are some centers that welcome used pets.

How to help them get through?

-not trivialize
- bring back memories of the animal
-If you keep it, bring it on a visit to the reception center
-provide pet therapy regularly (it will not replace their animal, but they will be able to benefit from the goods made of the animal)
-Do a goodbye ritual (to demonstrate the importance of the animal in the life of this person.

Above all remember that everything the animal represented for them. A friend, a confidant and fulfilled the need to feel important. Try to see if there are activities at the center that can enable these people to fulfill these needs otherwise.

Good luck, I know it’s tough for all the changes old age brings.


Brigitte Bérubé

humanist therapist

grief specialist

Brigitte Bérubé

Brigitte Bérubé

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