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Hello, today I speak to you about the importance of the choice to treat the death of its animal and the ritual. When we have a pet, we are so happy that we forget that he will die one day. And as I have already written in another article, the human being can not conceive of death until it happens to him in the face.

But, in my practice as a therapist, I had clients who had planned their limits and conditions from the outset in view of the certain death of their animal. And I find it brave and demonstrates a sense of maturity and respect towards the pet. I can understand that it is taboo, because in society society tends to want to osculate the death of our language and our sight.

But there are advantages to doing it right off the bat, and I do not think it’s a spell to talk about it. Often, when the time of euthanasia or costly treatment arrives, sometimes the heart and the rational take the edge. When we are in the excitement of making the hard decision of euthanasia, it is like a shock, and it goes quickly, very quickly sometimes, when the animal is ready to die. A few seconds. But we, the rational human being, do not have enough time to absorb all that. Do I want a group or individual cremation. If it’s a group, it’s the ashes of all the animals that died these days. Individual is yours only.

And some time after this act, people feel guilty because they have not had the time to say goodbye as they would have liked to do. <Have I made the right decision?>, Many questions remain unanswered. Also, know from the outset how much time, money we are willing to put in case of illness. Of course, we can not know our financial conditions in a few years, but at least to know our limits, it will avoid panic in front of the disease and all the helplessness that we can live in the fear of losing.

Also, what is more and more discuss in recent years is the cremation of animals. In what does it consist: private companies offer to pre-stitch. Like picking up the dead animal at the vet of your choice, attend the cremation, attend a ceremony that you have prepared in honor of your pet.

Usually the dead animal is put in a refrigerator, and the cremation company picks it up. You are called or not to attend the cremation. The animal put in a special oven that heats at a very high temperature the body. Only the ashes remain. The bigger the animal, the longer it takes. Subsequently you recover the ashes in a container that you have chosen in advance or the same day. And you leave with or you exposed in a colombarium. A glass place where the urns are exposed.

How to assist can help in the mourning process? As I lied above, the human being does not realize death. To assist allows to realize the veridict of the death of your animal. Lets be in reality and not to hypotise on how he died. There is a finality and so, we can not be in the negation. To leave with the urn also makes it possible to leave with something of his animal, part of the least. You could also make a comemorative meal in the presence of the urn, a photo of the animal The ritual of saying goodbye to our deceased loved ones, are very important.

It’s part of the mourning ritual. The first stage of mourning, the feeling of lack, emptiness will be greater along the mourning process. I have already known people who have not done this and several years later, are still with an unresolved mourning. To do a ritual is in respect to the deceased animal a proof of love.

It is also for oneself that one does it, because to give oneself the right to cry the living being who brought us so much good in our life had an impact in this one. To check if you want to bury it in your court, in an animal graveyard or keep the ashes at home.

Usually, it is forbidden to bury your pet in his court. It requires a procussus: bury so many meters in the ground, put lime. Not only wild animals come to eat and eat your pet. It’s a good thought. I hope this article will help you at least think about what you would like to do in a case of sickness, yes of euthanasia,


Brigitte Bérubé

Humanist therapist

grief specialist

Brigitte Berube

Brigitte Bérubé

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