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Hello, today I’m talking about a topic of pet loss that is often forgotten. The loss of a working animal. Since the dawn of time the dog is used in collaboration of work with the man.

For example those working dogs that dies:

A police dog A blind person dog

A canine coach dog

A sheepdog

A dog working at the airport for narcotics detection.

also equally the loss of his working animal in pet therapy

the loss of his breeding animal

What does that represent? All these animals were all trained for long hours to do the work they had to do. It involves a lot of time and money, but also a very special, unique link. For a very long time, the human being, who loves animals, is looking for ways to get closer and make the relationship harmonious. How to collaborate with. Get a service exchange. I teach you to save lives and in exchange I treat you well.

He tries to understand the language of the animal. This unique link implies an almost total understanding of the language between the human and the animal. The trainer will spend more hours than the average owner on training. In addition to this unconditional love, there is a bond of trust in his animal. When the animal dies or has to leave for different reasons, it makes a void, as if it was missing this tool, this best friend, who did not judge me when I made missteps. Who helped me complete my work.

A personal example: I had to leave my pet therapy dog. In spite of all the work I did, he repeatedly showed me that he did not want to do any more pet therapy and he also behaved badly towards my child. To let go of me was very painful. Because it takes a lot of training hours to train a dog in pet therapy and several months of work. It was a big void because people associate a lot with the dog in pet therapy and also a void in the house.

The impact of getting rid of it is that I can no longer work as a therapist. And if I wanted to continue in this area I should try to find a dog that has all the criteria to be the right candidate and start the training hours again. I am currently experiencing a double mourning: the loss of my dog ​​and that of not working in pet therapy.

I wanted to breed and I discovered that my breeding animal has a genetic disease. It’s been a few months since I’ve had it and I’ve focused on it. I have to return it to the breeder and start the adaptation process again. So, another double mourning: that of not reproducing and the attachment that I have of this little adorable pussy. It breaks my heart.

So when a person loses his working animal, he loses a lot. He experiences several bereavements and sometimes, also, make the decision to stop this work, or to recommit everything.

Have you ever experienced this?

Or do you know someone who has experienced this animal bereavement?

Thank you for sharing your stories.

Brigitte Bérubé

humanist therapist

grief specialist


Brigitte Bérubé

Brigitte Bérubé

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