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Hello, let’s continue the series of 11 myths about animal bereavement that makes this type of mourning difficult.
Today, we are talking about the second myth

It is selfish to have so much trouble for our pet, when there is so much suffering in the world.

You are an animal lover and you understand how important it was in your life and the mourning experienced in this loss is important. He represented love, friendship, a child’s symbol. It was part of your daily routine.

The human being is able to have emotions of mourning for the human as well as distinct emotions for his animal. And these emotions are not one way. One does not go with or without the other. If you love animals you can also have trouble for a human and vice versa.

There are no rules that dictate that humans have the right to help only human beings. It is true that there is a lot of suffering in this world, but the presence of animals brings us relief or sometimes the human being can not fulfill its basic relational needs with another human being due to its complexity. It’s simple to love and to be loved in return by an animal.

There are no judgments, no criticisms. There are no expectations, only an exchange of love.

If there is so much suffering in the world, it is because of the non acceptance of the differences of each one. To want to control others.

To have trouble for your pet shows great compassion for the world, which does not stop just at the human, but at the living beings. It allows an open mind and heart. And people who have not had this unique relationship with an animal, will never understand how important these are in life.

It is thanks to this compassion and love for your animal, that it will give you all the courage it requires to go through your mourning.

To have compassion for oneself, during this great suffering, these different feelings of guilt, of helplessness in the face of the death of this one, will allow us to be tolerant to our human nature, that which the human does not have. the power to work miracles and prevent death.
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Brigitte Bérubé
humanist therapist

grief specialist

Brigitte Berube

Brigitte Bérubé

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