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Hello, today I’m talking about the myths of animal bereavement. It is important that you know these myths, because you have some of them and it prevents you from living in a healthy way. You have already heard them, without knowing it at the bottom of you you apply them.

There are 10 myths and in the next articles we will explore them together.

Myth # 1 we can not laugh in mourning

When we are bereaved, we can live all kinds of emotions, we laugh and cry at the same time. In mourning, we judge our emotions if it is not to be in small ball and cry we judge abnormal. We say we are abnormal, we judge ourselves, the others around us judge us. The judgment of one’s emotions in mourning really helps us not to get through.

It delays us in our experience, because we try to  fake other emotions that we do not live in this moment. Accepting emotions is not easy to do, it takes courage, patience, tolerance and time.

It is also correct not to accept the emotion of laughter immediately, but to name it also helps to put the light and give importance to his experience.

For example to name: A- I feel bad laugh when I just lost my pet.

B- Instead of saying: I am so stupid to laugh, I just lost my animal.

In option A, there is no judgment, the person allows himself to live his emotion, there is no resistance, and, in option B, the judgment puts a brake on the progress mourning. To be in the home of laughter, to accept it as a possibility also in the mourning of one’s animal, allows not to be in denial.

Remember, the more resistance there is, the more difficult the work of mourning will be. He is already suffering from mourning, do not add the non-acceptance of different emotions, to add pressure that the mourning should just be worth it.

And you, did you already allowed to laugh in your work of mourning?

Are you judging yourself?

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Brigitte Bérubé therapist

Humanist therapist

pet loss specialist

Brigitte Bérubé

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