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The dog who has never come back.

Each story is unique, although there are several cases of disappearances, today I tell you the story of Veronic.

Véronic says that she often lost animals in her life, but one marked her even more than the others. She finds that pet loss shared with these animals may have been so intense and fusional that mourning becomes a barrier in everyday life. The one who took away part of his heart was named Boogey, he repeats the heaviest loss of the three animal pet loss. Already 10 years ago, but will never forget it.

Veronic recalls that she often made the wrong choices in her life, which led her into an interest. She lived on the street for 4 years. She had Boogey almost at these beginnings in intinence. He represented in these 4 years: his best friend, his confidant, his partner, his heater.

She gave him each parcel of food to him first. She became pregnant in the street, part colocation and out of this environment taking Boogey. At the birth of her son, she goes into mother / child therapy. She gave her dog to a trusted friend.

Only 3 days after entering therapy, she received the call of his life, Boogey was stolen.
She searched for 2 years, to walk everywhere, in every corner of the city, without ever seeing him again.

Veronic considers that she will never accept or mourn Boogey. She had a deep depression because it represented everything for her.

I asked Veronique today, 10 years later or was mourning her. She answered me: she feels a void. That of not knowing. She feels guilt by thinking that if she did not leave he would live his old days with her.

It was in the context of a contest that I drew a pin for animal mourning that I knew the touching story of Veronica. I sent him a pin. Here is the impact it had on her.

<Thank you a simple word. Yet never used enough..I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Brigitte Bérubé who offered me this pin for animal bereavement. It is certain that it will not bring back my street partner, but on the other hand it reminds me that: I did not give up. That he will be forever with me or that I go. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Despite the sadness of this word, I mourn with pride


There is different way an animal can disappear, it is an extremely difficult mourning to do. Or it is not done. It can only be done at the announcement of the death or the return of the animal.

The owners live differently shock. He carries with them a lot of anger and guilt.

Learning to forgive oneself, to work one’s guilt is not easy to do in this case. I do not think there is an easy solution. On the other hand, to try to feed oneself of emptiness with the good memories helps to live with the mourning of the disappearance.
Have you ever lost a pet? Tell me!

Brigitte Bérubé
humanist therapist
pet loss specialist

Brigitte Bérubé

Brigitte Bérubé

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