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I need your input to test a concept about creating a legal service for animals and humans!

It would allow animal guardians to contact Clanimal.com for advice on:

- their tickets with their pet (medal, leash, bite, etc, help them prepare their files among others)
- their problems with their landlord or their syndicate of co-ownership (prohibition, fines, etc.)
- their interest in allowing the presence of animals in their company (regulations, organization of places, etc.)

So please go to (click here: Clanimal/Facebook )

Virus, Sr Animal Advisor and Sr Animal Legal Advisor at Clanimal.com)

***Don’t I look “lawyerly” enough for you!

The Guy

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  • Tony Collard

    Get in touch or research Camille Labchuk
    @CamilleLabchuk on Twitter
    She’s SOLID

    • The Guy

      How well do you know her (please reply to my email) Tony, thanks, Bernard

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