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*(humans and animals)

After 2 years in retirement, I chose to return to the active practice of law with a concept dear to my heart and my instinct, the Humanimals Lawyer.

So, in the last 10 years I have seen the needs we have with animals, particularly in the area of ​​prevention and challenge of animal laws and regulations, and in many other situations, so, that’s why I now offer my services as the Humanimals Lawyer!

What services will you have with the Humanimals Lawyer?

 1. Legal Advice: about

a) the establishment of a corporate animal policy (regulation) for companies / hotels, and discussions (if necessary) with landlord / city;

b) the establishment of animal policies for condos, rental buildings, residences

for the elderly;

c) the legal status of an animal in specific context  (i.e.: information on animal by-law, divorce / shared custody, Fiduciary trust for the care of animals, etc.);

2. Conciliation / mediation: in one of the topics covered by the advice aspect above; and

3. Dispute: before administrative and common law courts in one of the subjects covered by the advice aspect of the above;

Why the service of the Humanimals Lawyer?

I have practised more than 35 years in the field of business law, both domestically and internationally. I gave hundreds of lectures on how to negotiate contracts internationally, built on  human relationships, from different cultures, to last!

When I had my pet, I started to apply my legal knowledge in the context of what life with animals is like in society. I have analyzed several municipal bylaws and various legal situations and identified gaps and abuses in the way the authorities treat us in the relationship we have with animals (or treat them!).

The foundation of and my passion for humans and animals led me naturally to create this concept that is the legal link between humans and animals!


1. Laws and regulations on animals are often imprecise and abusive for the sole purpose of extracting money from taxpayers;

2. Conciliation and mediation are much less expensive than a court challenge;

3. Prevention makes it easier to make the right choices and avoids costly and lengthy conflicts such as the case of the death of the animal’s guardian and in divorce / separation situations;

As for my services for humans, they will continue to be offered (such as business law and litigation) on a selective basis, because priority will be given to the services offered by the Humanimals Lawyer!

How to use the services of the Humanimals Lawyer

Simply contact me at:

Me Bernard T Raymond


Telephone: (514) 878-2828

Be responsible towards your pets and all the animals around us!

Me Bernard T Raymond

* (and Virus “Animal Legal Expert”)

The Guy

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