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Hello, today I continue on the series of myths of animal bereavement. Myth 3 and 4.
Myth 3
(I must follow the 7 stages of petloss in order to free myself from my suffering)
Grief is not a grocery list, or an orderordered order to a computer. Grief is tenacious and can go deep into your heart with the emotions you’ve never experienced, which will change your daily routine.
Let the steps unfold to you, your grief will show you where you have gone and that you need to be aware to take hold of it.
You can control your knowledge of grief, but not your experience.
Myth 4
(There are good and bad ways to grieve)
Just as there is no order of steps to follow in mourning
As unique as your relationship with your pet was, as unique your grief will be.
Every person experiences it differently. One can live from grief, another from anger, another from relief.
No one will experience grief in the same way, as many factors vary and influence how grief will be experienced. (Religion, introvert, extrovert, age, experience, past in the face of bereavement, culture, vision of death, and how the animal died.)
Brigitte Bérubé
Animal bereavement therapist

Brigitte Bérubé

Brigitte Bérubé

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