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During the period of uncertainty that we are experiencing at the moment, I offer you my help with some tips and strategies to make your life with your favourite animal easier, especially in public!

It is very important to initially establish what is a responsible animal guardian: it is someone

  1. who is accountable for it’s actions and those of it’s pet;
  2. who possesses the humility to always learn about it’s pet and itself;
  3. who respects the environment around itself (and the animal), as well as the environment of everybody else (whether the others are pet owners or not).

So it’s up to the owners to make that their pet behave perfectly at all times while making sure that it remains calm and bothers nobody (as I keep showing people)! For example, if you notice someone’s fear (of the size or the race or just discomfort), you can avoid walking by that person (and make sure you are between your dog and the person you are walking by!)

Many pet owners are meeting the above description

I believe many pet owners meeting the above description exist out there! Yet, it takes a virus like Covid-19 to “reajust” many of our bad habits that have taken place over the years, such as allowing the dog to “meet & great” any and all other dogs & humans during the walk!

You know that certain dog personalities are like human’s, such as some dogs do not always want to meet other dogs or get petted overwhelmingly by all the humans crossing their path!

The proper dog etiquette

That is why, in the coming days and weeks, I’ll be sharing with you some of my knowledge acquired over the last 11 years with a dog that stood at 1 meter 90 (standing on his back legs) and that brought the scale to 75 kilos, on our walks and other activities, trusting it will help you during these difficult times. His name was Virus (2008-2019)

I sincerely submit to all of you, that if you follow my tips that you will gain in trust (about yourself and your dog) and in enjoyment of your time spent together!

Me Bernard T Raymond

Humanimal Attorney & Chief Passionate Officer at

The Guy

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