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You have just acquired a new pet and wish to train it. But where to start from ?

Training will be considered by the observation and modification of the behavior, the ABC dog training.

Abc dog trainingEverything you do will have an influence on its behavior. On the basic level of the training dog, you have to focus on the way your dog is reacting in front of a situation to obtain a result in terms of its past experience. If something good happened, your dog will reproduce its behavior to get the same result, and vice versa if it keeps a bad memory of it. To conditioner his dog, the trainer has first to observe the reactions of his animal which can be distinguish in three steps : Antecedents, Behavior and Consequences.

The antecedents can be either environmentals (a noice, meeting with an other animal in the street…) or an act from the trainer (walk on a leash, an order…).

Behavior is the immediate reaction of the animal (bark, fear)

Consequences are the more important things for the trainer because he has to observe the dog reactions and determine the steps to follow to reach his goals.

To modify the dog behavior, we can distinguish two schools : rewards and punishments.

The goal of rewards is to reinforce a behavior, positive or negative. The goal of punishment is to reduce a behavior.

As a positive punishment, pull on a leash to make the dog understanding he has to stop can be efficient. However, punishment is not recommended because of many negative points. It doesn’t help the dog to unlearn a behavior but erase it momently and will have to be reminded in the time more and more intensely. Then, this can drive to dog’s aggressive behaviors because of its violent relationship with its master.

So we advocate of course the ABC dog training by rewards better than punishment. It will help you to develop a positive relationship with your pet, modifying by the same time its behavior  on a durable way.

Your faithfull friend will give it back to you for years of happiness !

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