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The birth of a passion

Clanimal was born initially from my guts, from my passion for animals and then conceptualized itself further in my thoughts after having spent my life informing people and preventing the happening of unfortunate situations.

Today, this same passion is lived daily in Clanimal.com! Discover what is Clanimal, and like me, live your passion too, in Clanimal.com!

Clanimal is being built as a worldwide reference center for animal owners wanting to learn and being informed about animal issues such as food, behaviors, training and other matters, through blogs written by professionals in their respective fields (vet/nutritionist, trainer, etc). We begin by dogs, then cats, then horses and then farm and exotic animals.
The final basic category is humans and animals where we give organizations working in various forms of therapies involving animals and humans, as much exposure as possible, to explain what they do and the impact of animals in the therapies involved (so they can get known where they would have never thought to be known and maybe have a positive impact on raising funds as well).

Clanimal is also a community being built so owners of animals can meet other owners of the same type of animal all over the world and share experiences, build networks and organize so many activities between themselves. Members can also share their passion and pride for their respective animals and post pictures (videos are coming as well through most likely you tube connection we will build into the system for now).

Clanimal is finally being built as “the Voice” for animals concerning issues important to animal owners and lovers all over the world such as education of people involved with animals (politicians, business owners, etc), treatment of animals and puppy mills as well as how society choose to respond to these issues, and, influence legislation being drafted with issues clanimal gets involved with. All of this is being done to better the lives of humans and animals.

“The Clanimal values are Passion, Honesty and Responsibility”

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