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Recently, many customers are searching the web to know what professional dog walking rates are at the moment.

The reason for this is because the rise of popularity of dogs within families has brought an increase in the amount of dog owners that do not have time to walk Dog walking ratestheir pup, therefore increasing the need for professional dog walkers. With the expansion, many animal lovers have considered this career opportunity and started working as dog walkers. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to be a successful dog walker and what to consider before starting a dog walking business.

First, before committing to the idea of becoming a professional dog walker, it is a good idea to research dog walking rates in your neighbourhood.

Some areas will offer much higher rates than others which mean that the venture would be more profitable for you. On the other hand, if competition is fierce in your region, the prices could be a lot lower than you might think. Also make sure to familiarize yourself with the different rates according to the length, distance and charge per dog for a walk.

Besides knowing the going dog walking rates in your area, you need some preparation and basic abilities and qualities to be a successful Dog walking ratesdog walker.

First off, you need to have a good amount of prior experience handling dogs, whether it is your own or others’. You must also love animals and be a caring person. Next, you need to make sure to have the proper insurance for you and the dogs you are walking. This way, it will ensure that should one of the dogs do any damage to you, other people or property, you will be covered for the costs that could derive from such an incident.

Finally, you must consider the amount of dogs you will be walking at the same time. Some areas have imposed restrictions of a maximum of four dogs being walked by one person, because of the higher risk or pack mentality developing when you walk a larger amount of dogs. Pack mentality results in the decrease of obedience and control the walker has on the dogs.

It also increases the amount of damage and disturbance that the group can create if an incident occurs. Other important considerations for professional dog walkers are: having the proper leash and collar for each dog, knowing when it’s appropriate to let the dogs off the leash and how to properly pick up and dispose of dog excrement, which are all the walker’s responsibility.

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