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Dogs that don t shed are quite popular with families for a good reason.

Dogs that don't shedRemoving pet hair from shedding dogs from textiles such as couches, rugs and clothing can be time consuming and pet hair can trigger allergic reactions in some individuals. Many dog breeds offer the advantage of little to no shedding which can better accommodate your lifestyle and needs.

A good example of a breed of dogs that don’t shed is the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkies. However, the hair of Yorkies is long and does require regular maintenance such as washing and brushing in order to keep the coat healthy.

Another advantage of Yorkies is their small size, which makes them ideal of apartment living. They are also very friendly and make great watchdogs. Other breeds with long hair that do not shed are Maltese, Shih Tzu and Poodles. The long hair requires regular attention which results in a fair amount of time and quite a few expenses which is why many owners choose to have their fur cut short to minimize grooming needs.

If you prefer dogs that don’t shed but that require less maintenance in terms of caring for the pet’s coat, you might like Boston Terriers which also do not shed.

Boston Terriers have short hair and usually have a less strong “dog smell”, which is why they make great indoor dogs. They also have a more manageable amount of energy if you intend on keeping the dog mostly inside.

Finally, West Highlands White Terriers require a small amount of grooming and shed minimally. It’s a great breed for the outdoors because of its two layer coatDogs that don't shed that is weather resistant. Westies also tend to bark more than other breeds which is why they are often better suited for home owners or if you are going to keep your dog outside. They’re are of course many other breeds of dogs (such as Chinese water crested or hairless Dogs Mexicans or Peruvians) dogs and that don t shed that would be well suited for anyone looking to adopt a dog that won’t require a lot of home maintenance in result.

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