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What do cats eat on a regular basis? That’s a question many people have asked themselves at some point. While we are used to seeing cats eating mice, fish or birds in cartoons and on television, are these small animals really a part of the cat’s natural diet?What do cats eat

Of course if you ask: “what do cats eat”? To a domesticated cat owner, the answer will probably be: dry or wet food or a combination of the two, depending on the cat’s preferences. Some cats will only eat wet food while other prefer dry.

The best type of food for indoor cats is unclear at this point. Some pretend wet food is better for domesticated cat while others support dry food. Commercial cat food often contains chicken, seafood or even fish.

But what do cats really eat out in wild? You probably know the answer already. Indeed, like you might have guessed, it is not a myth that cats like to eat mice, birds and fish. What you might not know is that cats also eat other small rodents and small snakes. If your cat is an outdoor cat, it is not rare to see it bringing small dead mammals and birds to your doorstep.

6CatFood cat-foodYou also might find feathers in your backyard which could mean that your cat hunted a bird’s nest nearby. The cat will usually hunt baby birds in nests that were constructed on low branches.

In urban areas, access to fish is restricted for cats. Therefore it is less frequent to see a cat eating fish outdoors. However, if you have a fish tank at home, if you cook fish or if you go fishing, you will easily see that cats are strongly attracted to the smell of fish.

Cats are able to recognize the smell of raw fish and might try eating fish that is intended for humans if hungry. Now that you have learned what do cats eat, you may want to treat your feline to a special meal once in a while. For instance, you can bring a small fish to your cat if you go fishing.

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