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There is around the world a large number of animal behavior institutes.

But before initiating studies and careers in animal behavior, you must have certain qualities, you will find the list in our previous article.

Animal behavior is a fascinating field of study and respect almost all the animals from the smallest unicellular organism to the largest land mammals. Beside humans and plants, almost all life on the planet is considered part of the study of animal behavior.

The animal behavior specialists will analyze the behavior of the animal kingdom to find out how they interact with each other in their environment.

Animal behaviorists will study the methods of reproduction of the animal world and how they care about their progeny and in the end how they manage to survive in the wildlife. Some animal behavior specialists will choose a particular field of study that will be focus on a specific behavior from an specific animal breed.


When you have completed your studies in animal behavior provided by a well known animal behavior institute, you will have many career opportunities. Here is a brief list of places where you might work once you have obtained your degree.


• Municipal Aquarium

• Director assistant of zoo

• Teaching and Research Institute

• Animal Conservation Groups

• Animal Research Director

• Government institutions or private research

• Museum

• Director of Zoo

• Technician, trainer, researcher, etc.

There are of course many other business domains where you could work on animal behavior.

Zoos provide many jobs for specialists in animal behavior. These specialists can give lectures and make visits to different zoos to offer their services in animal behavior.

In the United States the annual salary for a specialist in animal behavior will be around $ 65,000, on the other hand, the more you have a high level of education in animal behavior as a PhD, the more you’ll get a high salary .

To learn more about animal behavior, CLANIMAL invites you to visit its website where you will find several  informations  about this wonderful profession.

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