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The animal behavior society  is an international scientific non-profit organization that supports and promotes professional study on animal behavior, it was founded in 1964.

Moreover, the animal behavior society allows membership to specialists and also provides a certification that can be found in a specific directory.

On the other hand, be careful, because unlike veterinarians, psychologists and psychiatrists from the United States, the title of animal behavior specialist can be used by anyone regardless of their origin. This obviously pushes the animal behavior society to give certification to animal behavior specialists who have studied at recognized universities and institutions, and who received their diplomas certifying that they are indeed experts in animal behavior.

Animal behavior society

Indeed, the animal behavior society will most of time oversee training and degrees issued in this activity sector, the company will require for example that experts in animal behavior can study biology, zoology and animal psychology including learning theory by accredited universities.

The animal behavior society will also publish documents in scientific journals and the whole will be subject to a reading committee. The committee members are veterinarians who have developed a specialty in animal behavior. These people work full time in the animal behavior domain and they usually work with pet owners to solve various problems of behavior.

These animal behavior specialists have practical experience based on many years experiences and often they even published articles in specialized journals recognized on animal behavior.

So if one day you need a specialist in animal behavior, take the time to ask that person if he has degrees accredited by the animal behavior society or any other recognized societies that could prove that the person in front of you is a real specialist in animal behavior.

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