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People who choose an apartment dog will tend to rather choose a small dog than a mastodon. This of course depends on the size of your apartment and especially the frequency you go for a walk outside with him.

Regarding the old people, an apartment dog could greatly change their lives. But the dog will have to be a dog that loves peace and one could even been called lazy, especially in the case of Leonberg, a big dog that will surely love to sleep all day in your apartment.

Certainly a primitive dog as the eskimo dog or a sled dog will need a lot of space and confinement of an apartment could reduce its vitality and make it a depressive dog.

This type of dog is not recommended for an apartment in the heart of a busy city like New York or Montreal for example.

Another recurring problem with the apartment dog is barking frequency, many problems between owners of apartment buildings concerns precisely dog barking too much. The reason for this problem will often be your repeated absences, in fact leaving a dog alone for too long could have adverse consequences on their level of happiness.

Being alone for too long, your dog might develop psychological problems caused by your absence. Unlike the cat, a dog will have the feeling of abandonment much more easily. He will show then his displeasure by barking all day, annoying your neighbors.

Even if you decide to adopt a small dog apartment, you still need to take it out at least once a day so he can stretch its legs and breathe the outside air that all dogs love.

Did you know that there are probably a regulation of pet dogs in your municipality? CLANIMAL suggests you to contact your municipality to see if for example you can own a pit bull in your apartment. Visit our website to learn about all dog breeds available in the market, you can even ask us and a specialist will respond you very quickly.

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