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Many people dream of one day working in applied animal behavior science.

CLANIMAL will try to focus on the benefits of this kind of work related to your lifestyle which could also affect your health, or even your happiness and why not your waistline…

Many studies have been published in order to examine the feeling of happiness that people experience when they interact or work with animals. The majority of these studies shows that the stress level of these people is less than those working in other very different industries. It has even been proven through these studies that people who worked continuously with animals can release a happiness hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin has other powerful positive effects on human health by promoting the body’s healing and regeneration of new cells.

Thereupon, there are more and more companies allowing their  employees to occasionally bring their pets at work. Who has not seen a company boss always having his pet with him.

Moreover, being always in the presence of animals at work will help you do physical exercises. Again, who has not seen a dog trainer running all day next to a dog for its obedience training?

The fact of constantly working with animals, this means that you will never live the same day in your workframe, because like humans, each animal have its character and even if you are working with only one race of animals, you will have the opportunity to make the difference between the characters of all the animals of your pack because each of them will have its own character and it will be easily recognizable.

People who choose to work with animals must have knowledge in applied animal behavior science, this can be learned in a training school, but for people who are serious and want to start a career, you will need to register in an official institution or university.

Once you have completed your training, you will have the opportunity to work in behavioral therapy, training, supply, etc.

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