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Improving Animals Handling into Society

Public Insurance Coverage for Service Animals could be a good Animals Handling for starting It is unthinkable that the governmental authorities didn’t think about it before, and it’s most likely because they do not see the benefits brought by animals working with humans, helping them to handle obstacles their handicap brings into their lives. How […]

Animal Education, the real benefits…

At we are strongly in favour of educating children since, like in lots of cases, educating children help make them become as they grow up a responsible adult! But what about the animals? To that effect, a similar training as for adults could be given at school at the elementary level as a basic course. […]

Humans becoming more responsible (Education)

Then, where do we start? Clanimal suggest going to the source: the Humans! It’s the human, influencing  the animal, where behavioural problems started and, according to me, it’s the only way to address this issue with efficiency would be to render obligatory, to all future guardians of animals,  following courses  (and refresher courses) on how to […]

How to Choose a Dog?

How to Choose a Dog, Are all ways to go about it good? Are all ways to go about it good? No…since we cannot choose a family pet according to “human” criteria such as: Oh it’s so cute, it is very happy to see me, I will save this dog, etc. Let’s be clear, animals […]

To understand Animals Issues in Quebec

Animals Issues in Quebec In Quebec, we do not treat our animals like animals, meaning respecting their way of being, and the way they communicate and life. In addition, we encourage animal guardians to be responsible by only requiring the purchase of a licence (and in my case, I was forbidden to enter the City […]

8 Myths and false beliefs about Cats (Part 1)

1- A Cat Has Nine Lives False! Of course, a cat is a mammal, and just like all living beings, once they experience death, they can’t come back to life. So why the “Nine lives”? This belief is mainly due to the fact that, for humans, cats are able to survive situations humans wouldn’t be […]

8 Myths and false beliefs about Cats (Part 2)

There are a lot of false beliefs about the cat, so here’s the second part of a short test allowing you to assess your knowledge… So, “True” or “False”? 6- Cat Always Fall Back on Their Feet Absolutely false! However, it’s true that the cat possesses a specific reflex called the “cat righting reflex”, an […]

Words of Wisdom from Virus on LGBTAA

Virus talking about LGBTAA “Hey Humans…why don’t you act between yourselves… like we do towards all of you: LOVE ONE AND OTHER UNCONDITIONALLY! It MAKES LIFE more BEAUTIFUL! Also, if you are looking to buy a dog (or know someone who does), I invite all of you to experience the only true dog matchmaking quiz […]
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