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Clanimal helps Rosie Animal Adoption!

” At Clanimal, we believe that:  “…Getting in touch with who we are …Human and Animal! Only when we can get in touch with both, we can achieve that “balance” in our lives. Since we are not “trained” to do that, the presence of animals and the quality of that presence makes us get in touch […]

Why a Dog?

Like all of you, I have experienced “pseudo-stand-up comedians” that, from the depth of their “wisdom”, sometimes yell at me “Hey you…do you put a saddle on this?” When this happens, I usually tell these “clowns”: “Listen if this is a horse, that means I got fooled by the breeder since I thought I bought […]

What Is a Deutsche Dogge?

Several names for the Deutsche Dogge, but… In Canada and in the United States, they call it Great Dane, in Italy, the Alano or Alan and me I call it Deutsche Dogge, which was officially given to the bread in Germany in 1878,where it was born around 406 B.C.  It even became the official dog of […]

Naruto’s Selfie and PETA: The Wrong Approach!

(Editorial) My point is that PETA is going about it the wrong way, especially in persisting to “humanize” animals by, for example, wanting to apply principles to the latter that even humans do not respect! Here is my logical, pragmatic and realistic reasoning: Humanizing Animals While PETA aims to make animals benefit from “rights” humans […]

A Very Happy New Year 2016 from is thanking you for the love you have showed in 2015, toward all animals on earth and for your support for our activities So in the respect of its mission to improve relations between humans and animals, is wishing all of you in 2016:   To understand and feel profoundly all the importance […]
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